Certified Recovery Specialist

John R. Laus

John R. Laus is a Certified Recovery Specialist. His efforts for helping men and women stay in recovery from addiction is the reason the Colonial Park House exists. John knows the importance of transitioning into a sober living environment and long term mentoring as an essential key for a successful life in recovery.



Men's House Manager

Samuel R. Hippensteel

Sam Hippensteel is a Certified Recovery Specialist. He is committed to working with people as they develop and implement their personal recovery plan. His training and first-hand experience makes him effective at helping others achieve their goals and navigate their path of Sobriety.


Samantha Lebo

Samantha Lebo is dedicated to helping women who struggle with substance abuse. Her experience from her own battles, as well as, multiple years of success in Sobriety, gives her the specialized knowledge and expertise to show others the path of Recovery.

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